Alexander Kor

I am a professional photographer based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. For me, photography is about meeting new people, hearing their story, building their confidence and helping them create beautiful memories and moments that will last forever. 

My greatest ability is to engage easily with people on any project. I work fast, I have a strong work ethic, a good attitude and I always meet my deadlines. I am independent and self-sufficient, doing my own photography and Photoshop retouching for you. I am responsive and attentive to my clients, striving for the best experience possible. 

In the studio

I am independent and self-sufficient in my work, from start to finish. I do my own photography and my own Photoshop retouching for you. I don’t depend on other people to get the job done right.

You need the pictures to be taken and retouched in a very short period of time? I will work until the morning hours to meet your deadline. You are picky about a small detail in the picture and want to modify it right away? No problem. It will be done right away. 

You have very high expectations and expect amazing results? Contact me today and you will get the very best.