The Secret of Becoming a Successful Model


I get asked a lot, what is the secret to becoming a successful model? My answer: When it comes down to it… its less about looks, potential or how many followers you have on Instagram (which is bullshit btw). The honest truth: It’s all about perseverance. Models that have this look or that look…this potential or that potential… that shit dies.

What continues to last forever is the perseverance to always show up. This not only applies to modelling, but to life in general. You see, a successful model is the same as any other ordinary person. The only difference is that they show up to every opportunity being presented to them. They don’t let fear or failure stop them from going after an opportunity. In fact, they see failure as a learning curve. They welcome failure. In life, you will learn more from failure than you ever will from success.

Back in 2010, I worked with this professional model. She told me she never misses a photoshoot, even if she is sick. She refuses to miss an opportunity that is handed to her. Honestly, over the years, I haven’t met too many models with this mindset. That’s the winning mindset you need to have to succeed in this industry. While the majority of the other models are trying to fake it until they make it, you have to be the one that actually makes it happen.

Here’s the final result. Photoshoot with my model, Naaia

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