The Cause And Effect…


Welcome to my photography studio. Every week, guys and girls come here.

Why do people come here and spend their time and money to have their picture taken? Why is that?

The answer is pretty clear.

Its because they have a «cause». They have an idea. They no longer want to be normal. They no longer want to be average. They want to be remembered, not forgotten. They want to have meaning and focus in their life. They want to find love online. They want to start a business. They want to write a book. They want to pursue modelling and/or acting. They are a recording artist taking photos for their next album. They want to inspire and motivate others to go after their goals and dreams.

That’s why they’re here, in this studio. It’s because they have a «cause». 

Well guess what? 

Now we get to work. 

Our goal is to turn that «cause» into an «effect». 

Making that «cause» more than just words spoken; with no purpose and no action.

In this studio, the people I photograph are not here to talk. They let their actions speak louder than their words.

During the photo shoot, the transformation begins. Their confidence starts to slowly pick up. Their intensity becomes more and more and more. It’s quite remarkable and exciting!

What happened? Its simple. It’s because their perception changed. They realize now their «cause» is turning into an «effect».

Here’s the final result. In my studio. Photoshoot with my model, Christopher.

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