Take Your Broken Heart and Turn It Into Art


Not many people know this about me, but I started photography because of a heartbreak.

Me and my girlfriend had broken up. I was alone, anxious and depressed. I started putting on a lot of weight and feeling sorry for myself. I needed something to keep my mind distracted from all the negative things going on in my life.

I always loved art, but I wasn’t good at anything. I took a camera and started just taking pictures of food, buildings, nature and people.

Fast forward 10 years later, I’m still taking pictures with a camera and getting paid for it. Who knew?

Here’s a fact of life: «We all fall down in life. The question is, who gets back up?»

The answer is: Stay focused

Dont let the pain of a heartbreak (or any emotional setback) in your life rob you of the belief of what you can be.

The best advice i can give anyone is dont force it, the pain will pass. In order to cope with the pain, take your broken heart and turn it into art.

Here’s the final result. Photoshoot with my model, Fanny.

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