The Importance of Sleep Before a Photoshoot


Over the years, I’ve photographed a lot of people that look like zombies. The model shows up at 9:00am for a photoshoot with an extra large Starbucks coffee in her hand, sunglasses covering her blood shot eyes and a look of dazed and confused from a previous night of clubbing with her friends until 3:00am. 

Her expression says it all… I’m tired, I have no energy, I’m not in the mood, but I made it to this photoshoot cause I need some new photos or I need the money…

But hey, it’s okay. You only live once. You’re young. No time for sleep, anyways. You are living the life. You are living the moments that count… Partying, travelling, meeting new people and doing photoshoots to get attention and be in the spotlight.

Well, I’m here to give you a small reality check.

Lack of sleep is not a badge of honor, especially for a photoshoot. You show up to work, you look like crap. Your eyes are blood shot red, your body is shaking, you feel nauseous, you have a headache, you’re dizzy and you’re not doing a good job looking good in front of the camera with your facial expressions or your body language. I’ve seen it too many times and it sucks. Even Photoshop cant save you if you’re looking like the walking dead in front of the camera lens.

Trust me, when I say this… 

Sleep is very important. Not just for a photoshoot, but as part of your daily lifestyle. Sleep is anything but a waste of time. It’s when your body heals and regenerates.

Lack of sleep can lead to all kinds of problems: Depression, mood disorders, weight gain, obesity, diabetes, cancer and dementia.

So remember. Get some sleep and rest! You’re body will thank you for it.

Here’s the final result. Photoshoot with my beautiful (and well rested!) model, «Sleeping Beauty», Fabiola.

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