Self-Portrait, Self-Reflection…


In life, there’s two forms of confidence. Internal and External. (A.K.A. «Pride» vs «Ego»). «Ego» is when you do something to satisfy the voices of the external surroundings. Sounds familiar? Trying to build fake followers, trying to fake it til you make it, trying to get people to like you. It’s the Baskin Robbins 31 Flavours fantasy. The fact is, you cant make everyone like you.

However, the internal voice is only one voice. One person to look in the mirror at. One person that knows the truth and you can’t fake it. You can fake it with everybody else, but you cant fake it at the end of the day with that one person that knows you more than anyone else and thats called «pride».

Whatever you’re trying to achieve or accomplish in this world is yours to seek and have. But always remember, never sacrifice your principles to become popular over your passions. Cause otherwise you’re only fooling yourself and satisfying your «ego» for the short-term gain, but in the end you only cheapen your accomplishments by surrendering to the validation and approval of others.

Whereas if you focus your passions and do things even when no one notices you or pays attention to you and you keep going during the best and worst of times, thats called «pride» and I promise you, that fire and drive never goes out.

10 years in this business. Lots of people have come and gone in my life, but I’m still here, still standing, still doing photography. All my followers are real, there’s times I feel on top of the world and times I feel like shit. But I keep going. Not to seek people’s attention, but to continue the journey as I get old and can’t do this no more and one day I will look back with «pride» that i gave it everything i had.

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