Do We Go For It or Not? Risking Embarrassment for a Fashion Picture


They say life… Isn’t the moments you just sit (and relax) and catch your breath… But instead, it’s the moments that you experience new things that completely take your breath away…

I admit, I have a big imagination when it comes to photography. I have these visions and ideas in my head that regularly pop up for different photoshoots. 

What if we do this, what if we do that. What if we try this idea or that concept?

However, sometimes I stop myself. I’m like the idea sounds ridiculous and stupid, or it might not turn out as great as I imagined, or worse… I waste the model’s time, the makeup artist’s time and didn’t even get a good shot and they will think I’m an idiot and a loser.

Yup. That fear suddenly kicks in. The fear of embarrassment and failure.

One day, I was talking to this model, I was telling her my idea and she just looked at me… And im like, i know, I know… it sounds dumb.

She’s like «Fuck! Let’s just do it!»

So here I am in a public park with a girl dressed in spandex with a tennis racket, high heels and makeup on. Meanwhile, all the other tennis players in the park are giving us these strange looks. And yes, I’m feeling totally embarrassed.

So i swallowed my pride, I took a deep breath, and told the model how to pose. This wasnt an easy photo shoot… I told the model to flip her head (again and again! Over 40 times!) to try and get this shot perfect. And just when I’m about to give up and throw in the towel on this ridiculous idea in my head, there it is! We got the shot! 

This model taught me something very important that day… In life, you have to be willing to risk failure and embarrassment if you want to achieve any type of sucess. 

Here’s the final result. Photoshoot with my model, Frédérique.

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