Over 20 Hours of Work For This One Single Photo


Every time I look at this photo, I really wonder… What was I thinking?

-Who in their mind would put wallpaper on a wall for just one picture in a photoshoot?

You did.

-Who in their mind would go rent a Uhaul van, drive 1 hour outside the city, and pickup furniture, a mirror and fabrics for only one picture in a photo shoot?

You did.

-Who in their mind would spend over 20 hours in Photoshop, reconstructing the entire right side of a single picture for a fashion portfolio.

You did.

The moral of the story…

Talent is not enough. Ambition is not enough. Hardwork is not enough.

There’s only one thing that can seperate you from everyone else…

That thing is called obsession.

You have to be so obsessed that people think you have lost your mind. That you are crazy. That you’re not reasonable. That you are not normal.

Being normal, doesn’t achieve anything special.

Being obsessed is what will drive you to achieve big outcomes.

Always remember… with tremendous effort (a.k.a. Obsession), comes tremendous results.

Here’s the final result. Photoshoot with my model, Lilia.

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