People Will Come And Go In Your Life, But Pictures Will Last Forever


I still remember this model and this photoshoot like it was yesterday.

We met online and worked several times on photoshoots together.

She was beautiful, confident and fearless. She wasnt shy in front of the camera.

We developed a great friendship over the many months we worked together. She even invited me to her birthday.

I cant say I had romantic feelings for her since she was really much taller than me as a model, but we had a great working relationship.

She started working with many other photographers and her career started to take off. We promised to stay in contact, but the reality is with time we became more distant and went our seperate ways.

I tried reaching out to her a couple of times, but the communication wasnt the same since. The lesson from this experience is that our friendship wasn’t meant to last. It was only for a brief moment.

The reality is… people change, priorities change. Life happens.

Many people will enter your life for a short moment and dissapear forever. The only thing that remains are the pictures from the photoshoots we did together.

Here’s the final result. Photoshoot with my model, Frederique

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