It’s Never About The Money


Yes, money is important. We all love money. We all need it in today’s world to survive and advance. We also associate money with success. I understand, I totally get it. But never sell out your artistic integrity for money.

Years ago… I went through a photography phase in my life where i got paid to photograph babies and family portraits. The money was good, but i wasn’t happy. It became a job and not pursuing a passion.

And here’s the worse part… the more you do this type of work, the more referrals you get and the more money you get. You end up doing work that doesn’t please you anymore. You get trapped, and it’s a cycle that never ends.

It wasn’t easy, but I decided to turn down more family paying customers to do what makes me happy. I always loved fashion and artistic portraits (and don’t worry, you can still make money in this area that is very competitive)!

However, never do something just for the money. The money should be secondary to what drives you, because the most important thing about an artist, the one thing that seperates you from everyone else is you’re addicted to the end result. That picture perfect image that you achieved with a camera, with a model and with a makeup artist. You’re lust for it is so powerful, the craving is so intense, that you just want more of it. It’s never enough.

When you’re an artist, everything you do is to feed the addiction. It’s not that you love the process, you just love the end result.

So never do work just for the money. Money will come and go in your life, but an amazing picture, the end result, will last forever.

Here’s the final result. Photoshoot with my model, Joana.

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