Self-Portrait, Self-Reflection… Being James Bond


I admit, I was never a big fan of James Bond when I was growing up. I was more into superheroes like Batman and Superman. 

I never understood people’s fascination with James Bond. I mean the guy was good looking, hung out in casinos, drank martinis and had some cool gadgets and a nice British accent, but I just didn’t get what was so appealing about him.

Years later, when I became a fashion photographer and started studying a lot of male modelling pictures and reading fashion articles from magazines like GQ and Vogue, the name James Bond would often come up.

How is James Bond related to fashion? Well the man knows how to dress. He always looks amazing in a tuxedo or a custom tailored suit. He exudes charm and confidence when he walks in a room. As they say… «It’s the clothes that make the statement and the man».

The fact is: James Bond is fashion. Every time a James Bond movie comes out, people pay attention to how he dresses, what kind of car he drives, what kind of watch he wears and let’s not forget… he always has a beautiful woman at his side that is very elegant, charming, sexy, glamorous and symbolizes fashion by the way she walks, talks and dresses.

Some people might think of James Bond as an action hero or Agent 007, but I think of him as Mr. High Fashion.

Here’s the final result. Photoshoot inspired by James Bond from the movie «Casino Royale».

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