How To Create Fake Blood For A Photoshoot


What can I say? I have a wild imagination when it comes to photography. I wanted to create something unique and different as a photo shoot; a crime scene with police detectives investigating a murder. 

Now, in order to pull off this photo shoot, I needed a makeup artist that is also into special effects makeup.

When I told the makeup artist my idea, she told me we’re going to need to create a LOT of fake blood to pull off this shot.

I was like: GREAT! But how do we do that?

The makeup artist said it was easy. So I wanted to share her technique with you guys on creating fake blood!

All you need is the following:

-1 Big Bowl

-1 Big Spoon

-1 Chocolate Syrup Nesquik

-1 Strawberry Syrup Nesquik

In a bowl, start pouring some chocolate syrup. Then slowly start adding some strawberry syrup… a bit at a time and keep mixing.

Then take a bit of the mixture and apply it on your skin to see if its a blood color.

-If its too dark, add more strawberry syrup and mix

-if its too light, add more chocolate syrup and mix

Repeat again by testing on the skin until its bloody perfect!

That’s it!

Here’s the final bloody result. Photoshoot with my model, Naaia.

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