Dealing With a Drama Queen During a Photoshoot…


It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then I deal with a «drama queen» model.

What do I mean by a «drama queen» model?

-She is extremely late for the photoshoot and makes no apologies about it. 

-She doesn’t trust your makeup artist and wants to do her own makeup and hair

-She is bossy and a control freak; everything has to be her way.

-She is picky of how you are going to photograph her, how close to photograph her and which angle

-She is always, always complaining! She decides how many photos you will take of her, how long the photoshoot is going to be, how she will pose, what she will wear, what colour paper only to use, etc

-She is always on her cell phone during the shoot, always freaking out and keeps you waiting forever

-She also decides how and where the photos will be published (or not published)

In summary, everything has to be her way or no way. Nothing is negotiable.

I’ve had this happen and trust me, it sucks. And frustrates me.

From experience, in a situation like this, being polite, patient and professional does not work.

My advice. During the photoshoot… you put the camera down, look the model directly in the eye and tell her that she is being difficult. That none of your other models during photoshoots act this way. You tell her straight what is upsetting you.

If she doesn’t agree, show her the door and tell her to leave. That’s it.

1) Don’t let anyone ever disrespect you because they feel important or entitled to things. 

2) Always hold value and respect for yourself. 

3) Expect people to treat you with the same respect and value that you treat them. And if they don’t, then get rid of them right away.

Photoshoot with my model, Vanessa. Definitely not a «drama queen», but dressed and styled like a «drama queen» for this shoot.

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