Where is the Best Place to Take Pictures?


In real estate, we often hear the term «location, location, location!» Meaning that where you buy or own a house really makes a difference. It determines «the value» of what you plan to sell to the marketplace.

I believe the same thing applies to fashion and portrait photography. A nice or unique location always adds more «value» to a picture than simply shooting on a simple background, especially outdoors.

At the beginning of my career, one of the things that always stressed me out before every photoshoot was finding a location to shoot. I had the model, the makeup artist and the wardrobe ready, but no idea of a location.

Years later, i changed my approach. Now, whenever im driving in the city and doing a little bit of shopping or taking care of business, a certain location or background will catch my attention. I will take my cell phone and take pictures of what caught my attention. I will also take notes with my cell of the address of the location so I can remember it.

I now have a catalogue full of locations on my computer. So, whenever i have a photoshoot, I dont stress no more about a location. I already did my homework in advance and have an idea of where to photograph my model.

For this photoshoot, I saw this Sephora location and thought the wall was quite interesting to try something creative and artistic with a model.

Here’s the final result. Photoshoot with my model, Rasha.

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