Genetic Limitations… Do You Need Good Genetics to Become a Successful Model?


I hear this all the time… «Genetic limitations». Modelling agencies use this term a lot. That the reason you won’t succeed in their agency is that you don’t have the look or style they need.

The truth is… modelling agencies are not always right. They want things easy and don’t want to go the extra mile to help you.

So their excuse… «You are limited in terms of your looks…»

Now, let me ask you… Do genetics (good looks) play a role or is it just an excuse of why someone can’t succeed as a model in the fashion industry?

Is it really all about genetics (incredibly good looks)? Does that matter? 

If you look at any model or successful person out there (any one of your heroes), if you listen to their interviews, you will hear them say practice makes perfect. They had to fail in order to succeed.

Take a look around you. There’s so many examples in this world of the common man (and woman) with the odds against them overcoming what people thought could never happen. And probably they didn’t think it… but there they stand, victorious and a role model for all of us. Our reaction: «Omg! I want to be them!» But before they became them, they were us. What got them there was enough undying belief.

Why not believe that you can succeed at modelling? What’s the other option? There is no other option. It’s a dream that dies and a life of disappointment and regret.

No modelling agency believes in you?

Join Facebook modelling groups, go on Model Mayhem, network on Instagram, Linkedin, go to fashion companies, business expos. Hit up anyone and everyone.

But don’t tell me it’s all about genetics as a reason that you can’t succeed.

Photoshoot with my model, Laureen. I met her in a modelling Facebook group. She made the first move and approached me to work together.

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